VR Games List

Zombie Training Simulator

Great wave shooter, starter game for all ages. The controls are simplistic which makes adapting to the VR environment easier than most other games.

PG - Simulated violence against cardboard zombies.

Raw Data

Possibly the best VR Shooter on the market! Fully immersive 360° game play. Starts out slow to learn the controls but quickly ramps up the action.

PG - Simulated violence and nerve-racking surprise attacks.


The Lab

A great multi-game to help acclimate any novice to the VR experience. Explore Far-off destinations, protect your castle from hordes of attackers or repair a robot and much more.

PG - Simulated violence.

Rec Room

Online multiplayer full or fun mini games such as: Paintball, 3D Charades, Disc Golf, Zero-G Paddle Ball and Dodge ball.

PG 13 - Online interaction with people whose speech / behavior you may find inappropriate.


Job Simulator

In a society automated by robots you can simulate what it was to "job" in four historically inaccurate representations of work life. Be a mechanic, store clerk, chef and more. Silly fun for all ages!

G - Good for all ages

Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope

Play as the infamous Serious Sam, AKA Sam Stone, AKA The Last Hope in this fast paced wave shooter. Clear wave after wave of aliens while planet-hopping thru the galaxy.

PG - Simulated violence with some blood.


Tilt Brush

Have a creative side? Give this bucket of awesomeness a try! Draw 3D creatures and walk all around them. Paint a garden and sit in the middle. Stylize a city landscape of the future. The options are endless!

G - Good for all ages

Surgeon Simulator ER

Not for the faint of heart or squeamish! Eccentric VR adaption to the cult classic Surgeon Simulator. Twisted surgeries must be performed to save your patient's life.

PG 13 - Blood, Gore, Dark Humor.


Google Earth VR

Google Earth has brought you an immersive experience that can't be beat. Fly across the world and visit beautiful landmarks and cityscapes. Space, the Great Wall, the Sphinx; it's all right here!

G - Good for all ages

The Gallery - Episode 1: Call of the Starseed

Puzzle solving game of epic proportions! Your sister has gone missing and you've got to solve puzzles to rescue her from a sinister shadowy figure. Have an adventure, test your wits and become the hero!

PG - Suspense.


The Body VR

The future of education is here! Journey thru the human body and learn about our blood, what makes up DNA, cell structures and how organelles work together to fight deadly viruses.

G - Good for all ages

The Golf Club VR

Do you love golf? Do you hate golf? Who cares?! This beautifully rendered game with have you swinging like a pro in no time.

G - It's golf but your blood might boil just as easily in the VR world as it does on the fairways outside!