League of Legend Winter Series

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League of Legend Winter Series


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This is going to be an event you won’t want to miss out on! This is a League of Legends competitive community in Utah. We are building the groundwork for Utah players to participate in a highly competitive organized league. This will include group play with a Championship Tournament to be played at GameTyrant Gaming Center in North Salt Lake, UT supported with Fiber Internet Service and broadcast live on Twitch.

The season will start February 3rd with 7 weeks of game play finishing with top 8 on March 24th where they will play for Cash & Prizing. Prize pool will be a minimum of $500 for the final split 70%/30% for first/second with additional prizing for 3rd through 8th.

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General Information

  • All competing teams will be placed into Round Robin pools for the duration of this 7-week series

  • The top 4 teams from each pool, for a total of 8 teams will proceed to play the live finals at new GameTyrant Gaming Center

  • Matches will be played once weekly on Saturday at 8 p

  • Total of $100 per team (including subs)

    • $20 entry fee for each player

  • Total entry fee must be paid and team registered by February 1st.

  • Prize pool will be a minimum of $500 for the final split (70%/30% for first/second)

Match Format

  • Map: Summoners Rift

  • Tournament Style Draft

  • 5 bans

  • Map side:

    • Team on top of bracket is blue.

  • Upper team on the bracket is responsible for creating the lobby

  • New champions are implicitly banned from play in this series for two weeks following release

Rules for Season Play


  • Registration will be limited to a cap of 16 teams, forming 2 groups of 8 teams.

  • Each group will play a 7 week round robin series consisting of best of 1 matches each week.

  • Reporting Results

    • All matches must be reported by screenshot sent to nick.champlin@gametyrant.com;

    • Match results must be received no later than 24 hours after match is complete

    • If matches are not reported within the 24 hour period a loss will occur for both teams.

    • The winning team is responsible for sending in the results of the match.


  • Each team is allowed 5 players and up to 2 subs.

  • Roster changes are allowed during the “normal season”

  • Change must be approved by admin with at least 24 hours notice prior to match

  • Rosters will be hard locked 2 weeks before playoff season

  • All summoners in assigned matches must match the currently registered players, as seen on the team page


  • A team is considered forfeit if all 5 players are not present in the lobby 15 minutes after the scheduled match time.

  • The team captain is responsible for reporting a “no-show” match to an admin with screenshots of the lobby and any correspondence to the other team

  • Teams may reschedule their match if pre-approved by a tournament admin and agreed upon by both teams

  • The rescheduled match cannot take place later than Sunday night at midnight of the same scheduled week


  • In the event of a disconnect, the game should be paused using the command /pause.

  • Each team is allowed a maximum of three pauses and the pauses cannot exceed the time limit allotted in game


  • Your match may be chosen to be streamed live, in which you will be contacted no later than 24 hours before the match time. The given match time may be slightly different to accommodate the stream schedule.


  • All stats and updated standings will be posted no later than 48 hours after matches have been completed.

Fair Play

  • Administrators will have the final say on disputes.  The role of administrators is to encourage a fair and high competitive environment.

  • ALL rules are subject to changes at the administrators discretion as long as it is in the best interest of fair play.