Are GameTyrant.COM and GameTyrant.GG the same company?

Yes, COM is the gaming news part of GameTyrant and GG is for our Gaming Center, eSports Tournaments, and Events.

Do you have online Tournaments?

Yes. While not as frequently as our Utah Tournaments, we are rolling out the NAO (National Amateur Open) for several games. Go to our Tournaments page, select the game you are interested in, and sign up for notifications for when we do.

Can I have a birthday party, bachelor party, bachelorette party, or event at a GameTyrant Gaming Center?

Yes, check our Pricing page, then email justin@gametyrant.com for event space availability.

Do you allow outside food and drink?

No outside food or drink allowed in the Gaming Center.

Do you sell video games, computer accessories, or consoles? 

Not at the moment, stay tuned.

I have a question about one of your tournaments, who do I talk to?

Our head of tournaments is Justin, email him at justin@gametyrant.com for general questions. Each game will have a contact form to reach out to its respective tournament coordinator. Go to our Tournaments page, select the game you are interested then select "Contact Coordinator."

My company would like to sponsor a tournament or event, who do I talk to?

Justin would be the best person to talk to, email him at justin@gametyrant.com.

Are you hiring?

Yes, send your resume to justin@gametyrant.com 

GameTyrant.COM is always looking for more writers. Email zeb.jackson@gametyrant.com to become a gaming news writer.