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High School Smash Tournament

highschool tourney header.jpg

A tournament held at GameTyrant for those in high school!


You MUST be in High School grade levels 9th-12thto enter this event!




650 N Main Street

North Salt Lake, UT 84054, USA


Registration: page:



April 27th, 2019 12pm – 10pm

2:30 PM - Ultimate Doubles

5:00 PM - Ultimate Singles


Please register online beforehand!


The following are the fees that you'll need to pay to participate at the event:


Venue Fee: $5 (waived with full setup)

Ultimate Singles: $10

Ultimate Doubles: $5 per person/$10 per team



Here are the requirements to waive the venue fee:


- A Monitor (we can provide ~13)

- Nintendo Switch

- Disc or installed copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

- Most Current update installed (Ver. 2.0.2) 

- All Stages and characters unlocked (Including Piranha Plant)


We will also have monitors for use!

It’ll be first come first serve for those, and if you have your own monitor please bring it!


We will be using the Utah Recommended Ruleset which is:

- 3-stock, 8 minutes, hazards off:

- starters:

- Pokemon Stadium 2

- Battlefield*

- Smashville

- Kalos

- Town & City


Counter Picks:

- FD*

- Yoshi's Story

- Lylat


*All versions of the stage are legal, minus Flatzone, Hannenbow, Mario Maker, Dreamland GB, Duck Hunt, pac-land, Lost World, and mute city


Game 1 striking: 1-2-1

2 bans

Stage Clause: You cannot play on a stage you have won one


Players must supply their own adapter for their controllers (outside GC controllers)


All Mii moves are allowed

No costumes allowed

Players may request to see the selected moves beforehand, and the player using the Mii must oblige



<=20 Participants

1st: 60%

2nd: 30%

3rd: 10%


21-64 Participants

1st: 55%

2nd: 30%

3rd: 10%

4th: 5%


65+ Participants

1st: 50%

2nd: 30%

3rd: 10%

4th: 5%

5th: 2.5%

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