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High School Smash Showdown

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What is a crew battle? In the platform fighters genre, a crew battle is where players form a team (a crew) of players, usually consisting of five or more players Each crew will choose a player to play first, and the first two will play one game.The losing player of the game is eliminated from the crew battle, and the losing crew sends a new player to replace them At the beginning of the next game, the winning team’s player depletes his stock count to match their stock count at the end of the last game. This play continues until a crew has exhausted all of its players

Rules: Utah Recommended Ruleset After each game, the winner bans 2 stages. Dave's Stupid Rule is NOT in effect: this means players are allowed to counterpick a stage they have won on during the set

Crews: You must have AT LEAST 5 players from your school, with no limit to the number of subs you are allowed to have (1 is recommended) You may form a second crew at your school if you already have at least 1 crew with 6 players Freshmen who are going to your school next year may compete

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Later Event: May 28
$2 Tuesday